Lenovo Gooses PC Boot Times with Enhanced Experience 3

One of the most annoying aspects of working with computers is boot times. (Ask your company IT guy how many hours of his life he’s wasted waiting for computers to boot. See if he weeps.) Over the years, boot times have improved a great deal, but there’s always room for improvement. In fact, some note that one of the reasons tablets are growing in usage over PCs is their instant-on capabilities.

Lenovo is taking a whack at the problem with Enhanced Experience 3 (EE3) for Windows 7. EE3 includes RapidBoot technology, which can shorten boot times on computers with spinning HDDs by 40%. Lenovo claims that EE3-equipped Windows 7 machines average 24-second boot times, while those without average 41 seconds.

Lenovo’s notebooks with EE3 can also take advantage of BootShield, which holds off various software from launching until system resources are available, which speeds boot times by keeping all that non-essential extra software that launches on boot restrained. Theoretically, then, the more additional software a system has, the more effective BootShield will be at optimizing that machine’s boot time.

The technology is available as a standard feature on Lenovo Think and Lenovo Idea computers starting yet this month.