Lenovo and NEC Create PC Powerhouse In Japan

While many Americans were chowing down on backyard grub, NEC and Lenovo were busy in Japan nailing down a rather substantial agreement. They have announced today the launch of NEC Lenovo Japan Group, which becomes Japan’s biggest PC provider. According to recent analyst figures, the new group will total nearly 25 percent of Japan’s PC market, with a strong presence in both the commercial/government sector and in consumer sales.

Some might see this is two companies grabbing too much of the market, while others might appreciate complementary strengths (and hopeful benefits in speed/cost). NEC and Lenovo both hold stakes in the joint venture (51 percent by Lenovo and 49 percent by NEC). Roderick Lappin, President of Lenovo Japan Ltd., is Executive Chairman of the joint venture whilst Hideyo Takasu, President and representative director of NEC Personal Computers Ltd., is President and CEO.

Nobuhiro Endo, President of NEC, had this to say: "With this alliance, both companies will continue to progress and be committed to Japanese PC users as well as contributing more to the growth of the PC market in Japan. We will also strengthen our efforts to achieve the No.1 customer satisfaction for our quality, function and service. Furthermore, based on this strategic partnership, we will continue to discuss and assess new opportunities with this global partnership."

Now, the real question: will the tie-up have any impact on the ThinkPad units that we adore so much here in the States?
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