Left-Handed Naga Gaming Mouse is Happening, Razer Says

Left-handed gamers have traditionally been the red-headed stepchildren of peripheral makers, so to speak. They've been neglected, overlooked, and just plain treated as if they don't exist. There are exceptions, of course, though in the grand scheme of things, left-handed gamers don't have many peripherals to choose from that are specifically tuned for southpaws. The good news is Razer recognizes this and is committed to launching a left-handed version of its Naga MMO gaming mouse.

It all started with a Facebook post in which Razer co-founder, CEO, and Creative Director Min-Liang Tan challenged left-handed gamers to prove it would be worth Razer's time and effort to design a Naga MMO mouse for southpaws.

"We DO want to make a left-handed Naga -- but we can't just make it for 100 people -- even for 10,000 gamers, it's a huge loss maker for Razer," Tan posted on Facebook. "But I do hear all of you out there that have been asking for a LH Naga -- and I'll throw the challenge back to you -- if there are 10,000 Likes in a month from now on this post, we WILL make a LH Razer Naga. You'll need to be patient though -- because it will take at least a year from when we start. But you will have my word that we will make one."

Like this but flipped over and turned around...

Challenge accepted. Left-handed gamers mashed the Like button over 11,000 times in 10 days.

"Razer, the world leader in high-performance gaming hardware, is receiving an overwhelming response from its devoted community, and has decided to move forward with plans to release a left-handed version of its award-winning Naga MMO gaming mouse," the peripheral maker announced going into the weekend.

This is great news for southpaws who happen to be MMO fans. Razer's Naga features 17 MMO-optimized buttons, a 5600 dpi 3.5G laser sensor, 1000Hz Ultrapolling, 1ms response time, zero-acoustic Ultraslick mouse feet, unlimited character profiles with AddOns, and more.