Leap Motion Launches Airspace Store In Effort To Revolutionize Human-Computer Interactions

Leap Motion, a company that makes motion control technology, starting gaining attention earlier this year when it scored a couple of deals with manufacturers and Best Buy as well as making its own Leap Motion Controller and opening a beta program for app developers. The fruits of those labors begin the harvest today, as Leap Motion opens up its Airspace app store on the heels of shipping out preordered Leap Motion controllers last week.

There are 75 apps in the store for today’s launch, and the hundreds of thousands of Leap Motion users will be able to download and launch them right away (or that is, when they receive their controllers in the mail).

Leap Motion Airspace app store launch

There are both paid and free apps, and they run the gamut; there are photo effects apps, beatmakers, plenty of games, a frog dissection app (hooray?), music-related apps, science-related apps, news apps, and utility apps that offer basic features such as unlocking a computer.

The controller itself will be available across the U.S. in Best Buy stores on July 28th as well as in the UK via Amazon.co.uk; Leap Motion’s partnerships with ASUS and HP remain, as well.

Whether or not this level of motion control technology is necessary is up for debate, but the fact that Leap Motion has made it this far indicates that there’s definitely a market for this sort of thing. Human-computer interactions have been limited to mouse/keyboard, touch input, and a bit of voice control, but Leap Motion hopes that it can ignite a new way to compute.