League of Legends Universe To Expand With New Games Including Wild Rift For Consoles And Mobile

League of Legends: Wild Rift Gameplay
Developer Riot Games, a subsidiary of Tencent, is best known for League of Legends, the wildly popular multiplayler online battle arena (MOBA) game released 10 years ago. What's in store for the next decade? More League of Legends, of course—the universe is expanding into a bunch of new games, including League of Legends: Wild Rift.

Wild Rift is a new version of the game that is being rebuilt for Android, iOS, and console platforms. It features a brand new (yet familiar) 5v5 map based on Summoner's Rift, which the developer says it has streamlined for faster matches.

"A responsive dual-stick control scheme, designed exclusively for new platforms, makes sure your skillshots on mobile feel as crisp as they do on PC. The game will include a familiar cast of over 40 champions at launch, with more favorites on the way: Light the way with Lux, spin to win with Garen, or blow it all up with Jinx! Wild Rift is free to download, and all champs can be earned for free—no paying for playtime or power. Ever.," Riot Games says.

Riot Games also says Wild Rift is not a straight port of the PC version—the developer completely rebuilt the entire game from scratch. That should give it a fighting a chance to succeed on console and especially mobile, depending on how well executed the controls and game mechanics end up being. And of course it helps immensely that this is League of Legends we're talking about.

Wild Rift will land on mobile sometime in 2020. Android users can pre-register through Google Play. Players can also sign up on the Wild Rift website to receive updates on the upcoming open beta.

This is just one of many League of Legends projects Riot Games is working on at the moment. Others include Legends of Runeterra (a competitive card game), Project A (tactical shooter for PC), Project L (fighting game), Project F (gameplay similar to Diablo). League of Legends: Esports Manager (team management  game), Teamfight Tactics Mobile (autochess variant ported to smartphones), Arcane (animated series), and League of Legends: Origin (documentary).