Lead Engineer On Google Glass Leaves For Virtual Pastures At Oculus And Facebook

Armed with Facebook’s deep pockets and strong backstop, Oculus VR is much better able to poach talent from big companies than when it was just an exciting startup (John Carmack notwithstanding). The big get for this week is Adrian Wong, who left his post as a lead electrical engineer at Google[x], where he worked on Google Glass, to join the Oculus team.

Adrian Wong
Credit: Brandon Chan via TechCrunch

As reported by TechCrunch, Wong announced on Facebook (oh, I get it now) that May 2nd was his last day at Google, and now his LinkedIn profile confirms that he’s moved over to Oculus. Wong worked on the systems, camera, and RF for Glass, and on the Explorer Edition of the specs he was in charge of rapid prototyping, display system design, and HDI PCB layout.

Adrian Wong
Credit: TechCrunch

Google Glass and the Oculus Rift VR headset are very different beasts, obviously, but both are essentially HUDs, motion sickness can be a problem, and both are new and developing product platforms with incredible potential. Here’s hoping Wong delivers the kind of expertise that the Oculus team hopes he can.