Dad Life OG Gamers Assemble! Lawn Mowing Simulator Is Coming To Steam And It's The Real Deal

lawn mowing simulator game coming summer 2021 news
It seems there are simulator games for just about anything you can think of, such as Granny Simulator, Thief Simulator, and even a PC building simulator. Now, teams from Dovetail Games, Curve Digital, and Skyhook Games are bringing what could be the hottest simulator game this summer: Lawn Mowing Simulator.

Later this year, players will be able to “enjoy the challenge and serenity of mowing the Great British countryside in a variety of modes, while ensuring cash flow of your empire remains as green as the blades you’re cutting,” according to developer Skyhook Games. New lawn care professionals will be able to visit the British countryside, large equestrian fields, castle grounds and much more, to take care of incredible landscapes. If you want to check out what all this will look like, you can catch the game announcement trailer here...

Besides the game's gorgeous look, the developers managed to license mowers models from Toro, STIGA, SCAG. Perhaps there will be more to come, but at the start, there will be 12 mower models to choose from, “each with their own challenges, attachments and upgrades to unlock.” Furthermore, players can also build their business, hire staff, and buy new equipment in career mode or simply have some relaxing yard work time in free roam mode. If you are looking to up your mowing game, there will also be a challenge mode to “challenge your grass cutting ability on a variety of lawn mowing machines in a range of tasks.”

lawn mowing simulator game coming summer 2021 mow scenery news
Credit: Skyhook Games

This should be another fun and relaxing game to add to the collection of simulator games out there. If you want, you can add the game to your Steam wishlist here, or wait for the game to come out on Xbox Series X or S. Hopefully, we will get to find out more about pricing and other details as we get closer to the release. So stay tuned to HotHardware, so you too can roll hard in the yard with a 60-inch cut, zero-turn radius, with all the neighbors saying, “What?!” Yo, these greens got nothin' on my manscape...