Latest Windows 10 Update Reportedly Removes Some Software Without Authorization

Microsoft definitely has a hit on its hands with Windows 10, as Gartner is predicting that the operating system will become the most used Windows version of all time. However, Window 10 has also been plagued with concerns regarding privacy and Microsoft has come under fire for forcing upgrades on Windows 7 and Windows 8 users and downloading multi-gigabyte Windows 10 ISOs without permission.

Microsoft is once again facing heat due to actions that Windows 10 is taking without the customer’s permission. Earlier this month, Microsoft released the first major update for Windows 10, collectively known as the November Update.  We love updates as much as the next person, but the November Update is apparently uninstalling apps that it doesn’t like without even giving customers the option to approve the action.

Windows 10 users have taken to reddit to voice their displeasure with Microsoft’s apparent lack of respect for its customers. One user, ShotgunPanda, reports that the November Update decided on its own to uninstall CPU-Z and AMD Catalyst Control Center. Not only was CCC uninstalled, but Windows 10 decided to install its own built-in Radeon drivers instead.

Windows 10

“Apparently its been happening unnoticed with Windows uninstalling programs and even sometimes Steam Games,” explained ShotgunPanda. “But seriously, What kind of communist bulls**t is this? If this is going to be Microsoft's last Windows release, then they still don't know what the f*k they're doing.”

Another user, sprutkakka, reported that Windows 10 took it upon itself to remove the harmless CPUID reporting app, saying that it was unsupported. “I successfully reinstalled it without issue. It works just as well as before, so why delete it?”

Sprutkakka goes on to wonder if Microsoft would go further with its plans to remove and replace apps nilly willy without first alerting customers. “So what next, will you uninstall Chrome, Firefox, Spotify and Thunderbird next? Maybe in favor of your f**king superior alternatives such as IE6, Music or maybe Mail?”

Some other apps that customers have “lost” during the upgrade process include StartIsBack, Cisco’s VPN client, and Speccy.

These are some pretty serious accusations and we’d be interested in hearing what Microsoft has to say about it. As you can tell by the language used in the reddit threads, customers are hopping mad about this situation, and rightfully so.

So tell us, HotHardware readers, has Windows 10 uninstalled any of your favorite apps without your permission?