Latest SimCity DLC ‘Cities of Tomorrow’ Takes You 50 Years Into the Future

If you've ever been to Disneyland or Disney World (or any of the five theme parks around the world, then you've seen at least a glimpse of Tomorrowland. Maybe you thought to yourself, "That's not how I envision the future." Well, what does your version of the future look like? One way you can show it is with the upcoming SimCity Cities of Tomorrow expansion pack.

The first DLC for SimCity will be available on November 12, 2013. If you decide to snag it, you'll be able to take your current cities that you've already worked so hard on and transform them in into futuristic looking buildings and roads.

SimCity DLC

"But what will cities look like 50 years from now? Better yet – how will they be constructed? Do you want to build a beautiful, clean technology-driven city that relies on the knowledge of the all-knowing Academy?," EA asks. "Or maybe a city consumed by the gluttony and consumerism of the OmegaCo? Or maybe a little of both? How you decide to transform your tomorrow is all up to you."

EA plans to tease various aspects of its upcoming expansion pack over the coming weeks, revealing details about multi-level MegaTowers that allow you to build in to the sky, additional sources of power, and all-new forms of transportation, the company said.