Latest NVIDIA SHIELD TV Update Adds Restart Wi-Fi Option And Xbox Elite Controller Support

NVIDIA has just announced the latest SHIELD Software Experience (v7.2.3) and brings a number of changes that are aimed at enhancing the user experience and making living with the SHIELD TV at bit more enjoyable in the process.

One of the biggest additions -- and is an issue that we've encountered on a number of occasions -- addresses Wi-Fi connectivity on the SHIELD TV. In some instances, usually when the console has been sitting idle for a while, it will lose its connection with your wireless router or access point. Searching for available access point is a fruitless endeavor at this point because none will show up. Naturally, this means that all internet connectivity is lost.

shieldtv remote

Usually, this meant having to restart the entire system (which can be an annoying process if you simply want to quickly get into the action with a game or watch a movie) to get Wi-Fi working again. Now, however, NVIDIA has a new option to restart just the Wi-Fi service that is running on the media streamer. It can be accessed by navigating to Settings --> Network --> Restart Wi-Fi.

Another nice addition is support for the Xbox One Elite Controller for those of you that aren't satisfied with the included NVIDIA SHIELD controller. However, the caveat is that the Elite Controller will only work over a USB connection.

Finally, NVIDA has improved customization options for HDMI-CES Power controls. We don't know exactly what this entails at this point, but we'll update this article once we've had a chance to update the SHIELD TVs in our lab.

You can manually grab the SHIELD Software Experience 7.2.3 update by downloading it from the Settings menu, or you can just wait for a system notification alerting you that it’s ready.