Latest Fallout 4 Update Rolled Back By Bethesda After It Breaks Mod Support

Last week, Bethesda rolled out the latest patch of many that Fallout 4 has received since its launch last fall, but this one didn't just smooth out lingering bugs. What it did do was completely break the mods that many gamers enjoy, even though the patch included an update to the company's own mod system, Mods. You can imagine what happened next: absolute chaos!

Fallout 4 Stormtrooper Mod

Fortunately, Bethesda clearly recognizes that the last thing that it wants to do is upset its fanbase, and quickly moved to right its wrong. Following the botched update, the company immediately pulled the patch back and let the game ride using its most recent stable version, allowing fans to continue using their existing mods.

Interestingly, this botched patch comes hot-on-the-heels of the company pulling back on modding support for the PlayStation 4 version. While the company would love nothing more than to give PS4 Fallout fans modding capabilities, Sony simply makes it way too hard for such a system to be in place. Xbox One Fallout 4 fans can at least gloat that they have enjoyed mod support for months.

It's really unfortunate, too, given the fact that any and all Bethesda titles have a huge amount of excellent mods. Look no further than Skyrim, a game which could capture 100 hours' worth of your time just testing different mods. 

Nonetheless, Bethesda has yet to release a fixed patch, but it seems likely one will drop over the next few days.