Latest Chrome Beta Now Supports ‘OK Google’ Voice Search

Get ready to see a lot of people talking to their computers. Google has officially rolled out a new feature in Chrome that lets you conduct a voice search on a desktop or notebook using just your voice.

From a Google page, you can simply say, “OK Google” and say whatever you want to hunt for. This was a feature that Google had in beta back in late February, but now it’s here.

google chrome voice search

It’s not clear if some of the other functions that Google teased in a blog post are available yet. These include telling Google to, for example, set a timer for 30 minutes or create a Google Now reminder for yourself.

google chromebook pixel

The above is surely coming, and although the environment for using the new voice features isn’t probably a quiet library or a crowded coffeeshop--seriously folks, please don’t be loudly demanding things of Google in public environments where others can hear you--but you can imagine plenty of use cases where this capability could be invaluable, whether you’re in the kitchen juggling three things at once, have your hands full working on a project in the garage, or what have you.