Latest Blu-Ray Movies Crash Older Players

Being on the bleeding edge has its pluses and minuses.  You get to sample the latest stuff first, but if that same technology advances and it doesn't take your older hardware into account, you may end up with a brick.  There was thus some trepidation over the latest wave of features being added to 20th Century-Fox's latest Blu-Ray releases.

With the next wave of interactive features having been added to 20th Century-Fox's latest Blu-Ray Disc releases, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer and The Day After Tomorrow, there was always a certain level of anticipation that some existing Blu-ray consoles would have trouble, especially the first-generation editions. Surprisingly, it's the second generation which is seeing some early problems, with reports from owners of Samsung's BD-P1200 that they can't play either of these titles.

While it's understandable that older players might need firmward updates to handle newer features, it's strange that the first-gen players aren't having issues.  Additionally, can you imagine your grandmother understanding this?  Older people are used to putting their DVD or even VHS tape in and not worrying about stuff like this.  Only technophiles like us would "get it" and understand without panicking or freaking out over an error message --- or calling free tech support (meaning their children).