Latest Apple iPhone 6 Photo Leaks

Apple is replacing its flagship iPhone 5 with the impending iPhone 6 in August (most likely), and although not all that much is known about the new handset, new pictures have leaked courtesy of blogger Sonny Dickson.

apple iphone 6
Credit: Sonny Dickson

The photo shows alleged iPhone 6’s in two sizes, which are presumably the rumored 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch models we’ve heard about. Both have that champagne gold color on the back that has become curiously popular as of late, and the fronts are white and have a gold ring around the home button, which looks rather sharp.

apple iphone 6
Credit: Sonny Dickson via Digital Trends

For as great as the iPhone typically is, one aspect that some (myself included) have criticized is the small screen size. That’s not to say that bigger is necessarily better--in fact, a 5.5-inch beast could be considered overkill--but 4.7 inches sounds about right.