Laptop Hunters Ads Adds Value (Perception)

Microsoft's Laptop Hunters ads are making an impact on the perception of Windows computers vs. Apple computers in terms of value, according to BrandIndex.

That's been the key point in Microsoft's ads, that there are more choices and lower prices among Windows PCs. The data from BrandIndex shows that Apple's value score among the key 18 - 34 segment dropping since late winter to about 12.4 today. Meanwhile, Microsoft has risen from near zero in early February to a value-perception score of 46.2.

Ted Marzilli, global managing director for BrandIndex at consumer polling service YouGov said:

"Apple had a pretty big advantage, historically, when we look at our data. Apple did a great job of putting Microsoft on the defensive. It made them look old, stodgy, complicated to use and unhip. But Microsoft has started to hit back, and younger folks are more cost- or value-focused.

"It would be very unusual for Microsoft's score to be increasing this much and Apple's to be decreasing without some sort of event driving that, like a major campaign that's particularly successful."
Is it all about the recession? AdAge says no, because the numbers didn't really start to move in Microsoft's favor until well after the recession had become a dismal everyday issue.   So while Apple still has the clever Mac vs. PC ads, even firing back of late with the "Megan" ad, Microsoft has actually generated a "hit," so to speak.

It's hard to believe isn't it? Microsoft with a successful advertising campaign after all those failures (particularly the Bill Gates / Jerry Seinfeld fiasco)? OK, when are they going to blow it? Yes, yes, we are pessimistic, but Microsoft's campaigns have never been as successful as now. They have to be congratulated for finally producing something that's really caught the attention of those important folks, consumers.