Laptop Falls from Helicopter, Narrowly Misses 10-Year-Old

Don't try telling little Grayson Peterka that the sky isn't capable of falling. He may only be 10-years-old, but he knows first hand that the sky can come tumbling down at any moment. And by 'sky,' we really mean laptop, as in the kind that falls out of a medical helicopter and comes barreling towards the earth.

We're not making this up, folks. Little Peterka was enjoying a family cookout on Saturday night when a laptop fell from the sky and landed on the ground just inches away from him. Apparently the laptop came from a medical helicopter that was leaving St. Cloud Hospital in Minnesota, as someone managed to leave it on the helicopter's skid.

"It fell about here and I was standing right here," Peterka said. "I heard the helicopter going by. It was pretty low and then they made like a turn. When that happened it fell to the ground."

According to hospital officials, Life Link III had just finished dropping off a patient and was leaving the helipad when the incident occurred. Though the crew retrieved most of the laptop, bits and pieces are still scattered in the alleyway behind Peterka's home.

"At first you think it's kind of humorous and then you think about it for a little bit and you go 'Wow, he could have really got hurt,'" said Mike Peterka, Grayon's father.