Lamborghini SC18 Alston Is A 778 HP Batmobile-Inspired Track Beast

For lots of car guys and gals, owning a Lamborghini is one of those things you aspire to if you hit the lottery or inherit millions from some long lost relative. Being able to afford a custom one-of-a-kind Lamborghini is something that many Lambo fans never consider, but Lamborghini does occasionally build one-off rides for the well-heeled fans out there. It's latest one-off car is called the SC18 Alston, and it is based on the Aventador platform. This road car was built by Lambo's racing division called Squadra Corse, and it looks fantastic.

alston 1
alston 4

While this is a road car, Squadra Corse went at the engineering and build of the SC18 to make it as fast as possible around a race track. All the wings, fins, and spats around the SC18 Alston are meant for aerodynamic prowess and to cut up laps faster. You can clearly see the Aventador in the design of this car, but each body panel on this beat ride is completely new, including a new front bumper, hood with deep scoops that channel air for performance. Its doors are also different, and the side air intakes for the big V12 engine are larger and more sculpted.

alston 2
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One of the best views of the car is from behind, which is what most street cars, that can be driven on a track, will ever see of this animal. The giant rear spoiler is a carbon fiber beauty that has a central fin attached to the top-mounted air intake. A rear diffuser with red highlights directs air under the car, and extremely wide tires grip the road. The engine cover that hides the massive V12 engine from view has louvers all over that work to improve the cooling of the engine and was tested on actual racing cars.

alston 3

The V12 engine is right out of the Aventador SVJ and makes 759hp and 531 lb-ft of torque. Sending the power to all four wheels is a 7-speed automated manual transmission. The carbon fiber body saves weight compared to the normal Aventador, but Lambo is mum on exactly how much lighter the SC18 Alston is. There are no images of the interior of this car, but word is it has carbon-fiber bucket seats covered in black Alcantara with red stitching. There is no word on how much this one-off cost the buyer, but Lamborghini does say that this custom ride paves the way for future one-offs from Squadra Corse. The Lamborghini SVJ is the car that Lambo used last summer to dominate the lap time that a Porsche 911 GT2 RS put down around the Nurburgring. If the SC18 Alston is faster than the Aventador SVJ it will be a beast indeed, the kind only folks like billionaire Bruce Wayne could get away with driving.