Lambda Labs Develops Facial Recognition App for Google Glass

When you first see Google Glass, your imagination runs wild with all of the possibilities. Sure, the obvious ones come to mind: looking at navigation routes and incoming e-mail right on your face, but what about an even more obvious one? We're talking about using Glass to recognize the face that's staring at you. Lambda Labs is getting ready to help Glass users accomplish just that, with a new API that should enable facial recognition using the existing Explorer Edition hardware.

Over 1,000 developers are already using its existing API, but plugging it into Glass seems like the most advanced use yet. Once it's applied to Glass, users would (in theory) be able to remember faces, find friends in a crowd, match up interests at a networking event, find folks who share your likes and dislikes, etc. In fact, just thinking about that borders on creepy, but such is the wild, wild world of wearable computing.

So, would things like this make you more or less likely to give Glass a go?
Tags:  Google, glass, facial, api