LaCie Releases eSATA Hub Thunderbolt Series

LaCie is looking to take advantage of the Thunderbolt interface on new Macs with an eSATA hub. Users can connect eSATA drives to their Macs without relying on an ExpressCard slot (and getting slightly better 3Gb/s performance).

The hubs each have two Thunderbolt ports, making daisy-chaining devices possible and apparently without losing performance. LaCie says that you can have up to a dozen eSATA devices running on a daisy chain at once (using up to six hubs), including display and storage devices.

The hubs are available for sale now for $199.

Upgrade Existing Storage with the LaCie eSATA Hub Thunderbolt™ Series

April 5, 2012 - Today LaCie announced the availability of the eSATA Hub Thunderbolt™ Series, its latest peripheral featuring Thunderbolt technology. This product delivers a solution for connecting eSATA hard drives to Thunderbolt-compatible Macs, making them backwards compatible. The eSATA Hub also boosts transfer speeds and even allows users to daisy chain with other Thunderbolt peripherals.

Consumers with new Macs who are interested in getting the best possible speeds with their existing multi-interface drives are no longer limited to USB or FireWire connections. In addition, businesses, photographers or other creative professionals that have upgraded their Macs to versions without ExpressCard/34 slots are now able to capitalize on their previous investment in eSATA hard drives.

The eSATA Hub's dual Thunderbolt ports allow users to daisy chain other Thunderbolt peripherals. This means users can connect up to 12 eSATA drives (6 Hubs x 2 eSATA drives per Hub) to a Mac while maintaining full eSATA 3Gb/s speeds. It also helps organize desktops by connecting both a Thunderbolt compatible display and storage device via a single cable (sold separately from to their Mac.

The eSATA Hub Thunderbolt Series is available through the LaCie Online Store and LaCie Storage Partners starting at the suggested retail price of $199.00.