LaCie Intros LaCinema Black PLAY And RECORD

If you think LaCie is only about hard drives, DVD burners and flash drives, think again. Today, the outfit has extended its LaCinema Black Series by introducing the LaCinema Black PLAY and LaCinema Black RECORD. Both of these HD media streamers are definite high-end devices, with pretty much every feature you could imagine on a streamer and even a few you wouldn't typically expect.

These boxes can pull in content from UPnP networked computers (Macs and PCs), and the custom user interface makes it easy to navigate through material, select it and play it back. Both of the set top boxes are designed by Neil Poulton, and aside from standard Ethernet, owners can hook these up via Wi-Fi and pull down content without another cord in the equation. Obviously, both the PLAY and RECORD support high-def material (up to 1080p), and both can also upcovert standard-def clips to 1080i. The RECORD steps it up by adding DVR capabilities and a built-in TV tuner. Now, if only we could load Hulu on to this thing...

At any rate, both the PLAY and RECORD can be ordered with 500GB or 1TB of internal HDD space, and the USB port allows for even more storage or quick access to thumb drives and the like. Both devices are available for order right now starting at $429.99.