Nintendo Labo VR Kit Brings Cardboard VR Accessories To The Switch

Nintendo has been doing well with the cool Labo Toy-Con kits that it launched last year. Nintendo has now announced a new addition to its lineup: the Labo VR Kit. These kits allow gamers to build cardboard accessories for the Switch that turn it into a VR gaming platform. 

labo vr

The Starter Set + Blaster offers a headset that appears to have lenses inside for the Switch and a cardboard blaster. After buying that starter set, gamers can add a couple of expansion sets. Expansion Set 1 includes a camera, and an elephant add on. The elephant is interesting with images showing the Joy-Con controllers inside the cardboard trunk; that trunk appears to move as part of the associated game.

labo vr toys

Expansion Set 2 includes a Toy-Con bird and Wind Pedal. Exactly what the Wind Pedal will do is a mystery. Nintendo will also offer the full kit as the Labo Toy-Con 04: VR Kit that includes the VR goggles and all the expansion pack Toy-Cons. Pricing is tipped at $39.99 for the Starter Kit + Blaster and $19.99 each for the expansion packs. The full Labo Toy-Con 04: VR Kit is $79.99. Nintendo's VR kits will land on April 12.

That pricing puts the VR kit right in line with other Labo kits. Labo kits have proven popular with kids and adults alike as they add a construction element to the real world and lets kids play games after the build is done. There is no indication of what the game software the Labo VR Toy-Cons will offer. The software will certainly match up with what the Toy-cons look like to some extent. Presumably, the bird will be a flying game of some sort, the blaster a shooting game, and so on.

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