Korea’s SK Telecom Developing 300Mbps Wireless Broadband

When it comes to mobile broadband speeds, Korea is doing quite well. While Sprint is boasting about 50-60Mbps that will be in five U.S. cities by the end of the year, Korea’s SK Telecom says that it already has 300Mbps LTE ready to roll. (Well, sort of.)

The technology involved is a three-band aggregation, just like Sprint’s Spark initiative, and with the 20MHz and two 10MHz bands together, SK Telecom says it can offer 300Mbps LTE speeds.

There are some hurdles to overcome first, though, including getting global standardization and getting hardware makers to develop the needed chipsets and devices. Even so, SK Telecom expects to have the service commercially available by the end of the year.

Sprint Spark 1.3Gbps
Sprint has demonstrated 1.3Gbps mobile broadband in the lab

Even more notable is that SK Telecom says it can hit 450Mbps speeds by combining three 20MHz bands, which is will demonstrate at MWC 2014 in Barcelona in February. Meanwhile, Sprint has demonstrated 1.3Gbps mobile broadband speeds in a lab setting and believes it can eventually hit 2Gbps.

The sooner these companies get their next-gen mobile broadband speeds out to all of us, the better.