Kodi Media Player Arrives To Transform Your Xbox One Into A Multimedia Powerhouse

As 2017 winds down, Kodi has an announcement that Xbox One fans will really appreciate. Kodi for Xbox One is now available globally via the Windows and Xbox Store. One caveat of the software is that Kodi says it is not completely finished and may contain missing features and bugs. Essentially, it is beta software.

kodi xbone

Kodi wrote, "It was thought by the team that getting Kodi (XBMC) running on newer Xbox versions would be wishful thinking and we would never see that happen anymore. As time passed by developers and users were happy running XBMC on their Linux, Windows, OSX, Raspberry-Pi and Android devices as such no one really looked back. Although jokingly for nostalgic reasons we talked about how fun it would be to get it running on the Xbox again. In the year 2014 we finally closed the door and renamed from XBMC to what we are now, Kodi."

Kodi says that the alignment of all Microsoft devices to a common Universal Windows Platform was what allowed the team to bring the software to the Xbox One. Before that universal platform, Kodi was a 32-bit application that needed to be 64-bit compliant. Kodi says that around July 2017 the earliest vestiges of Kodi as a UWP app on regular Windows 10 started up.

If you are wondering how Kodi for Xbox looks, it looks just like any other UWP version. The important thing that the Kodi team wants people to keep in mind is that the software is in its very early stage. It may not be as stable as the regular version and might be missing functions. 

Kodi writes, "In short, we were aware from the beginning there would be limitations when the work started however that never kept us from realizing that dream of becoming once again available on the device that started it all. It almost feels like being reborn again. With this announcement and all the other work being done for the upcoming V18 release, the year 2018 is going to be amazing."

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