Kodak Makes A 480GB SSD And It's On Sale For Just $40 Today With This Deal

Kodak Solid State Drive
In case you have not noticed, prices for solid state drives have fallen off a cliff over the past year. At this point, there is really no excuse to go with a mechanical hard drive over an SSD as your primary storage, unless you must have oodles of capacity for your boot drive. Otherwise, grab yourself a speedy SSD and never look back.

If that is in fact your plan, one of the best deals right now is for a Kodak-brand 2.5-inch 480GB internal SSD (EKSSD480GX150K). We don't see Kodak's name pop up in the storage space all that often, so it's interesting that the lowest price 480GB-class SSD belongs to a company that is best known for cameras and photography.

This specific model falls under the Power Memory X150 Series, which could possibly indicate that it's a licensed version of EMTEC's X150 Power Plus SSD. The specs look to be the same—Kodak's drive pairs 3D NAND flash memory (likely triple-level cell, or TLC) with a Phison controller, and is rated to deliver up to 520MB/s of sequential read performance and up to 500MB/s of sequential write performance.

Other features are what you would typically find on a SATA-based SSD, including static and dynamic wear leveling, bad block management, TRIM management, SMART management, over-provision, and low power management. Or in plain English, a bunch of stuff to keep the drive ticking for as long as possible.

Kodak's 480GB SSD is on sale on Woot.com for $39.99, down 31 percent from its $58.00 list price. Amazon owns Woot, and if you are an Amazon Prime member, you get free two-day shipping.

KingSpec SSD

This is the lowest priced 480GB SSD we could find. The next cheapest is a KingSpec 480GB SD on Amazon for $49.55. It has slightly higher rated specs at 560MB/s and 520MB/s for sequential reads and writes, respectively. Real world performance between the two is probably very close.

There are a few other options in the $50 to $60 range, though the vast majority of 480GB-class SSDs go for $60 and up.