Kno To Ship Single And Dual-Screen Tablets By Year-End

There are plenty of tablet options on the market, and plenty more coming. Part of that "coming" crowd is a company called Kno, which is designing tablets primarily for use in the education sector. Their tablets have largely been seen as too big to be used by regular consumers hoping to accomplish regular consumer tablet tasks, but a large screen (or two, in the case of their dual-screen model) is perfect for showing off graphs and other textbook items.

The company has been trickling information on these out for some time now, but the most vital point has yet to be disclosed. Until today. Kno will be producing a single screen tablet and a dual-screen tablet, and they will each hit the market by the end of the year for $599 and $899, respectively. The company has stated that they will be aiming their products at 10 colleges in America at first, with co-founder and CEO Osman Rashid stating the following: "We are going to do online and offline marketing, in a very focused approach."

The Kindle DX hasn't done too well in college environments, but it was limited by the non-color, slowly refreshing E Ink display. We definitely think that paper textbooks are on their way out in the education world, but it's a world that moves slowly. How long will it take for tablets to finally saturate that market? Only time will tell, but Kno has a pretty compelling offering to make the takeover official.
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