KMI SoftStep: A USB-Powered Foot Controller For Your PC

When it comes to controlling your favorite PC title, you've got a few options. There's a mouse. There's a keyboard. There's a control pad. And there's a joystick. With few exceptions, those are what you've got to work with. But now, there's one more option, and it's a major one. Keith McMillen Instruments (KMI) announced today the SoftStep KeyWorx multi-touch foot controller, the world’s first foot controlled digital interface, providing a new and faster way to operate a computer. 

Available for Mac and Windows, this controller is one of the first we've ever seen that sits on the floor. The company claims that this can be used by just about anyone: gamers, video editors, programmers, data entry professionals, disabled people, repetitive stress syndrome sufferers, and anyone who wants a faster way to use their computer. It's both pressure and location sensitive, USB-powered, and contains ten fully customizable keys that remember up to 100 sets of commands for repetitive tasks. The cursor/click control allows the user to keep their hands comfortably on the keyboard at all times and the blue backlight makes it visible everywhere, even under a darkened desk.

It's priced at $289.95, which sounds steep, but then again, opening up Internet Explorer with your big left toe sounds really, really interesting.