Kingston’s HyperX Memory Supports Intel Z97 Chipset

Intel’s latest chipset is Z97, and along with a growing mountain of motherboards sporting the new tech, HyperX (a division of Kingston) is releasing memory kits that support the chipset, too.

All three of its FURY, Genesis, and Predator memory lines are getting a 9-series refresh, and the company said that it worked closely with motherboard manufacturers “to guarantee compatibility and the highest performance”.

Kingston HyperX Z97

The dual-channel RAM kits are available in two or four DIMMs with capacities ranging from 8GB to 32GB with frequencies ranging from 1333MHz to 2800MHz. For a complete list with prices and options on HyperX’s site, hit up this link.

HyperX offers a lifetime warranty on its RAM kits along with free technical support.