Kingston's Crazy Fast HyperX 2133MHz SO-DIMMs Receives Intel XMP Certification

The braggarts over at Kingston Technology have reason to beat their chests and toot their own horns today. That's because Intel just crowned Kingston's ridiculously fast HyperX 2133MHz SO-DIMM 4GB notebook memory kits with its XMP certification, making these notebook modules the first and fastest to be validated, Kingston says.

Adorned with Kingston's familiar blue heatspreaders, the company's 2133Mhz HyperX 4GB SO-DIMM (KHX2133C9S3K2/4GX) memory kits are tested at 2133MHz using CL9-11-9-27 timings at 1.5 volts. Kingston says it uses an ASRock HD65-MXM motherboard and Intel's second generation Core i7 2920XM processor to test these kits, which are designed to "push the current frequency boundaries of notebooks."

This is high-end stuff intended for enthusiast-grade notebooks and mobile workstations, and not your everyday laptop that Aunt Flo might be using. Try as we might, however, we couldn't find any vendor selling the stuff, and there's no word from Kingston on when the kits will ship or for how much.