Kingston SSDs Packing Phison Controller Now Installed In Over 18 Million PCs

Kingston has announced that it has shipped over 18 million SSDs globally that use Phison controllers. The landmark is a symbol of the strength of the "longstanding relationship" between Kingston and Phison Electronics Corp. The two firms have been working together for over a decade after having originally forged the partnership in USB flash drives before moving together into SSDs. 

KC1000 SSD M 2

In 2010, Kingston and Phison invested jointly in a new company specifically to create embedded solutions to ease the design-in effort for handheld device manufacturers and to speed the development cycle allowing products to get to market faster. That company is called Kingston Solutions Inc.

Kingston writes, " The company, Kingston Solutions, Inc., has grown exponentially from smart phones and tablets to a diverse portfolio including wearables, slot machines and consumer appliances such as smart beds and thermostats."

Kingston notes that for the last half decade, it has been using Phison's controllers inside its client SSDs such as the KC1000 and M.2 NVMe PCIe SSD. That KC1000 SSD is meant to handle high resolution video editing and data intensive applications that benefit from low latency and high performance. Kingston also notes that the Phison PS 5007-E7 controller is powering the DCP1000 hailed as the world's fastest NVMe PCIe SSD designed for enterprise environments.

"We are very fortunate to have opportunities to work closely with Kingston over the past decade," said KS Pua, Chairman and CEO of Phison. "We commit to deliver the most comprehensive and competitive next-generation products including UFS and NVMe SSD solutions in continuing Kingston’s leadership in NAND Flash technology."

"Our business and engineering teams, both in Taiwan and the United States, have worked together seamlessly for many years," said Nate Steffens, vice president of Flash memory, Kingston. "Phison brings a high level of R&D experience, industry alliances and controller expertise to the industry. They have helped enable Kingston to bring to market many Flash memory-based technology solutions that support a wide variety of OEMs and end customers."

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