Kingston SSD Gets Smashed With Baseball Bat, Lives To Tell About It

When dealing with solid state drives, we hear the words "durable" and "reliable" with an insane amount of frequency. Naturally, those two words are two of the biggest selling points when it comes to convincing someone that an SSD is what they should purchase over an HDD, and while we all that speed is the real reason you opt for one, Kingston's latest demonstration really does a great job at showing how accurate those first two claims are (at least on Kingston units, anyway).

The video shows a quick baseball match being played, but instead of using a ball and bat, the players use an SSD and bat. "Here comes the pitch...the swing, and the crack of the bat sends it flying!" You can almost smell the freshly cut grass and the commentator now, and while we're aware that some company videos such as this are nothing more than fluff, there's no doubt that Mr. Slugger crushed the drive. It was even picked up from a puddle, and it was so deformed that it couldn't fit within the drive cage of a test laptop. They utilized an external connection cable in order to hook it up, and to our amazement, the notebook booted right into Windows 7 without breaking a sweat.

We wouldn't recommend taking a bat to your SSD, but if it's a Kingston, you may be able to and get away with it.