Kingston Rolls Out Performance Enhancing SSDNow V200 Firmware Update, Slashes Price

The folks at Kingston Digital gave us a heads up that there's a new firmware update available for the 64GB and 128GB SSDNow V200 drives, one that increases performance and stomps out a few niggling bugs. On the performance front, Kingston claims the firmware update increases random write IOPS performance by up to 136 percent for the 64GB model and 129 percent the 128GB, Random read IOPS get a less dramatic (though still significant) boost to the tune of 22 percent for the 64GB model and 5 percent for the 128GB model. Those rocking a 256GB SSDNow V200 drive are unaffected by the firmware update and need not apply it.

In addition to supercharging IOPS on the 64GB and 128GB models, Kingston tells us it lowered the MSRP by as much as 40 percent on all three capacities. If purchasing directly from Kingston, the 64GB model can be bought for $73, the 128GB for $119, and the 256GB for $233. Each one is less than a buck per gigabyte, which is fast becoming the norm in the SSD market as of late.

You can download the new firmware here.