Kingston Launches Value-Priced SSDNow E50 Enterprise SSD for Data Centers

VMworld 2013 kicked off yesterday in San Francisco, and some big names in big data are taking the opportunity to announce new products. Today, Kingston is touting its new SSDNow E50 SSDs, which are meant to be a more affordable alternative to the SSDNow E100 line.

The SATA 3.0 solid-state drives come in 100GB, 240GB, and 480GB capacities. In general, the E50 drives are only a little slower than the E100s. For example, the 100GB models have random 4k read/write speeds of 27,000/82,000 IOPS (for the E50) and 55,000/83,000 IOPS (for the E100). The SSDNow E50 drives have DuraWrite write-reduction technology for longevity and RAISE, which reduces uncorrectable errors. If you’re at VMworld, you can check the new SSDs out at Kingston’s booth.