Kingston Celebrates 10th Anniversary by Shipping HyperX Memory with Black PCBs

Kingston Technology might be known for its iconic blue heatspreaders, but that doesn't mean the company is afraid to dive deeper into its boxy of crayons. Apparently its customers have been requesting a black line of memory, and Kingston answered the call by introducing all-new black printed circuit boards (PCBs) on two of its product lines.

"Our customers and fans have asked us to come out with HyperX memory featuring black PCBs to better match their system designs," said Larry Yang, HyperX business manager, Kingston. "We are able to match good looks with high performance. The black on black combination allows for easy pairing with any color component on the market."

Kingston Black Memory

One of the aforementioned product lines is the high-performance HyperX Beast, a part of the Predagor family. Beast kits featuring black PCBs are available in various dual- and quad-channel kits ranging in capacity from 8GB to 64GB and speeds up to 2400MHz.

The new color option is also available in standard HyperX packages as single 4GB and 8GB modules or 16GB dual-channel kits in 1333MHz or 1600MHz frequencies.