Kindle To Hit Wal-Mart Store Shelves Soon

Guess where you can find a Kindle now? Wal-mart! While Amazon sold their famed e-reader for years without any retail prescence, that has changed recently. Now, Wally World will be stocking the Kobo Wireless Reader, the NOOK and the Kindle, giving digital readers plenty of choice should they wander into a store. This is obviously a huge move for Amazon. Getting the Kindle into retail outlets will move the reader into the view of even more consumers, and sales are almost certainly going to bounce up because of it.

The Kindle has been around a long time now, and while it may be maturing from a product cycle standpoint, getting it into Wal-mart will almost certainly revive the sales (if they're even flagging). The Kindle will be stocked in 3,100 of Wal-mart's U.S. retail stores, with the Wi-Fi and 3G devices sold at $189 and the Special Offers (ads-enabled) model for $114. In other words, you won't save any money by buying at Wal-mart, but at least you can take a look first before buying something blind.

One has to wonder, if Amazon really does produce a tablet, will it eventually hit Wal-mart as well?