Killer’s New Wireless xTend Feature Turns Your PCs Into Mesh Network Nodes

Rivet Networks, the folks behind the Killer networking products, has announced a new feature for its Wi-Fi chips already inside desktop and notebook computers. The tech is called Killer Wireless xTend and will be offered in desktop and laptop systems from MSI, Dell, Acer, Clevo, and Zotac. The xTend tech creates a mesh network by taking advantage of an available Killer Wireless-AC 1550 WiFi module inside notebooks and desktops.

Killer Wireless N

xTend allows the WiFi module to seamlessly clone and extend a home network, essentially turning all your computers with the Killer Wireless-AC 1550 hardware inside into range extenders, expanding the range of the network all around the home or office. The mesh network still prioritizes packets meant for gaming, voice, or video above the traffic generated by other attached devices.

killer xtend

"MSI is committed to providing our customers with best gaming and overall computing experiences possible, which is why we are excited to be working with Rivet Networks on bringing this cutting-edge technology to market. Killer Wireless xTend enables MSI systems to smartly extend the home network for a true Whole Home WiFi experience. Gamers will love this feature because MSI systems are now able to prioritize their own gaming network traffic above the traffic of other connected devices such as phones, tablets, and other computers," said MSI’s Eric Kuo, Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing.

Wireless xTend technology is fully integrated into the Killer Control Center software. That software allows users to create the mesh network and extend the network with the press of a button. The nearby devices automatically connect to Killer Wireless xTend when it provides a stronger signal than other access points inside the home or office. Rivet Networks notes that users can choose to uplink back to the broadband network if over wireless or if using Killer DoubleShot Pro hardware.

“The Gaming PC is almost always the most powerful device in the home, and with Killer Wireless xTend you can now use it to extend your home wireless network while making sure your games and videos play fast and smooth,” added Michael Cubbage, CEO at Rivet Networks. "Our promise has always been to deliver the very best network performance to our customers, and Killer Wireless xTend delivers this performance while simplifying and making your home network better for all devices."