KeyMe iOS App Lets You Store Your Physical Keys in the Cloud but Would You Trust It?

It's easy to misplace a key, especially if you have kids who like to play with anything that jingles. In most cases, a lost key will eventually turn up, but not always. What then? Well, if you download and install KeyMe from Apple's App Store, you needn't ever worry about lost keys again, though this ingenious solution opens up a whole new can of worms.

First let's talk about how it works. After installing the app, you simply use your iPhone to scan your physical keys to create a digital version of your keychain. Should you happen to lose a key, you can have copies made from your digital backup.

"If you ever get locked out, any locksmith can make your key from scratch by following instructions we display on your phone," KeyMe claims. "No more paying $200+ for a lockout."


Alternately, you can mail order a copy of your lost key from KeyMe, which carries a "huge selection" of designs. You can even share keys with friends, which could come in handy if you forget to give your house-sitter a key to the shed or some other location while you're out of town.

Sounds genius, except for the part about putting your trust in the cloud. Hacking in general is an all-too-often occurrence, and if KeyMe became uber popular, you can bet it would eventually become a target. If KeyMe's cloud servers were ever hacked, you're not looking at having to change your passwords, you're suddenly faced with having to change all your locks, a much bigger (and costly) inconvenience.

What are your thoughts on KeyMe's approach?