Kensington Reveals Orbit Wireless Mobile Trackball Mouse For $60

Man, talk about history repeating itself. First came the mouse, then the trackball, then the gaming mouse, and now…the trackball? We guess this iteration of the mouse never truly went away, but the popularity amongst the masses has certainly declined. That's not stopping Kensington from producing yet another in the line, though, with the Orbit being introduced this week along with a bit of new software. The Orbit Wireless Mobile Trackball is built to fit the everyday working style of mobile professionals on the go, with a  centered-ball design, recommended by ergonomists, delivers more precision and comfort than conventional ball-under-the-thumb structured trackballs.

Kensington’s trackball is built to accommodate either right-or left-handed use and incorporates both a storable nano receiver for convenient travel, and 2.4 GHz technology for the wireless transmissions. There's a mid-size ball that snaps in and out of place for easy cleaning, and a unique Touch Scrolling solution makes navigating documents quick and smooth. The accompanying customizable TrackBallWorks software helps users fly through web pages and create shortcuts that let them work any way they want to.

It's totally plug 'n play, works with Windows and OS X, and should ship within a month or two for $59.99. The 'ball is back, baby!