KEEO Keyring Works With Your Smartphone To Find Your Car Keys

Kickstarter has quickly become the go-to place for new gadgetry; why waste effort and energy trying to convince a company to cough up funding for an unproven concept, when you can just ask the world to believe in your idea? KEEO is yet another Kickstarter concept that could turn out quite nicely, deemed the world's first keyholder with an associated app for iPhone and Android. Basically, it's the world's first keyholder that lets you select a key with a push of a button, and it's designed from the ground-up to work in concert with a smartphone.

It's Bluetooth-enabled as well, and the smartphone app enables you to locate it at any time. The company still needs well over $100,000 to make it to reality, so if you're interested, have a look at the donation levels here.