JVC GZ-MG70U Camcorder, How To Secure Your E-Mails

Tonight, a few articles concerning security have found their way into the HH news box. Over at The TechZone, you can find some tips on how to secure your e-mails. And how many of you have ever forgotten a password? Really, who hasn't? PCStats covers ways to recover your forgotten passwords, and ways to bypass or reset certain passwords such as the one for the BIOS. I still have memory's of accidently setting a password for the BIOS when I was about 7, and not remembering what it was or how to get around it... the horror. Goodnight all!

Tt Tai-Chi @ Neoseeker | HH Perspective

"For starters, the box for the case is huge. I guess that's to be expected of a case the size of the Gigabyte Aurora. However, we got our second shock when we tried lifting the box - this case was heavy. Despite being made of aluminum, this case was as easily as heavy as many steel cases, if not heavier. This is primarily due to the thickness of the metal used - most of it was a couple millimeters thick, especially the side panels (will be explained later). Aesthetically, I am of the opinion that it is a marked improvement over the Thermaltake Armor, but other members of the site think that the fins make the case look ugly."

JVC GZ-MG70U Camcorder Evaluation @ Designtechnica

"Now the engineers at JVC have created a series of Everio ultra-small, super lightweight camcorders with built-in 20GB or 30GB drives that record up to seven hours of MPEG2 video. This is many times the capability of wildly popular DVD camcorders like the Sony DCR-DVD203 that record 20 minutes of best-quality video on single-sided 3-inch 1.4GB disks. And in keeping with the trend of combining digital still cameras and camcorders, the new GZ-MG70U has a 2.12MP CCD so it takes 1600 x 1200 pixel stills."

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