JP Morgan Analyst Predicts Up To 235 Million Apple iPhone Sales In Fiscal 2015

Tomorrow is the big day Apple fans far and wide have been waiting for. Barring a surprise turn of events, Apple will use its planned press event tomorrow to unveil its next iPhone -- presumably called iPhone 6 -- which is rumored to come with two screen size options. One of those will be 4.7 inches and the other will be a phablet friendly 5.5 inches, if all the leaked information leading up to this point turns out to be true.

Apple expects this to be its biggest iPhone launch ever, and since that's typically the case with each new iPhone, that's probably a safe bet. But how many iPhone 6 models will the Cupertino outfit sell? Time will tell, though if we're to believe JP Morgan analyst Rod Hall, it's going to be an awfully big number.

Hall stated in a note to investors the most bullish prediction is for Apple to sell up to 235 million total iPhone units through its fiscal 2015, which begins next month. For that to be true, Apple would have to move far more iPhones than it's on pace to do in 2014. Let's look at the math.

iPhone 6 Glass
The iPhone 6 is rumored to ship with a sapphire glass substrate

According to CNET, Apple sold 51 million iPhones in the first fiscal quarter of 2014, 37.4 million in the second, and 35.2 million in the third. To reach 235 million in fiscal 2014, Apple would have to sell 111.4 million iPhones this quarter, which is highly unlikely.

To reach that figure in fiscal 2015, as Hall believes Apple has a chance to do, he says Apple will need to sell 155 million iPhones to people upgrading from previous models, plus another 80 million to new adopters.

It seems like a high estimate because, quite frankly, it is. At the same time, Apple might have a fighting chance of reaching that 235 million figure if the iPhone 6 does indeed come in two different screen sizes, and a sapphire crystal display as previously rumored wouldn't hurt matters, either.