Jolicloud Introducing Their Own Netbook: Jolibook

As far as we knew, Jolicloud was a software company. And they still are. But now, they're a hardware company too. Or at least they are partnering with a computer maker in order to make themselves seem like one! Either way, Jolicloud is doing the unthinkable soon: they'll be introducing a netbook of their own with their own Jolibook operating system onboard.

This will be going up against dozens and dozens of netbooks powered by Windows 7, and considering that Microsoft's OS is the one with the most mindshare, it looks like Jolicloud will be facing an uphill battle to gain acceptance in the market. Critics who have tried the OS have been pleased, and considering that even Apple is moving towards a more app-like structure, it seems like Jolicloud's Jolibook may be on a path of success.

These images show what we can expect from the device, but only a few details on the internals are out right now. It will ship soon with an Atom N550 processor, a 250GB hard drive and Jolicloud 1.1 as the operating system. There's not a mention of a price, release date or screen size, but it will have to be priced competitively to even stand a chance. We definitely hope it is; Microsoft needs some serious competition in this market sector.