Jibbigo: A Real-Time English/Spanish Speech Translator For iPhone

If you ask any tech enthusiast what "the best smartphone is," you're apt to hear a lot of varying opinions. In fact, we highly doubt you'll get any group of five or more to agree. There's plenty of choices on the market, and every phone and OS seems to strike people differently. Some folks hate the way a BlackBerry operates, while others swear by its push e-mail systems and instant massaging. But one thing's for sure: you're bound to hear someone swear that the iPhone is far and away the best, and without a doubt it's the Apple App Store that has the biggest influence on that argument being true.

Take this one, for instance. Usually, we don't single out iPhone applications. Apple now has around 100,000 (and climbing) to choose from, which means there are a lot of great ones and a lot of terrible ones. But Jibbigo is different. This application is one that shows off the iPhone's greatness like few apps do, and it's applications such as this one that really go a long way to proving that the App Store will be tough to overcome by rivaling companies.

This app can translate English speech into Spanish (and vice-versa) on the go, and we're not talking about speech-to-text. We're talking about speech-to-speech. In other words, it's a pocket translator, and it could be a life-saver when you think about heading to a Spanish-speaking country for a vacation or business trip. You simply launch the app, speek an English phrase into the iPhone's microphone, and listen as the iPhone belts out that very phrase in Spanish from its speaker. It's as simple as that.

On the iPhone 3GS (which has a faster processor), the app can handle translating both languages simultaneously, though the iPhone 3G can only handle one translation at a time. Still, there's no need for an internet or mobile data connection to work, meaning that you won't even need to use expensive roaming data when abroad to use this. The price of this app is just $25, and if you have any need whatsoever to communicate with those speaking Spanish (or those speaking English, if you're a native Spanish speaker), we'd say this is a bargain. After all, have you ever priced out a translator to follow you around 24/7? Not cheap.  Catch the demo here below...