Jetart JACSH1 Universal VGA Cooler, Basics of RAID, and more!

Hey folks, my internet is back and so is the news :) Today we have a few articles that shy away from the actual hardware review, such as the "Basics of RAID", and "Are you addicted to the internet". Am I? Are you? Maybe, maybe not, but I'll bet many of the people who answer "no", probably are. Enjoy!

Jetart JACSH1 Universal VGA Cooler Review @ 3DXtreme

"Today 3DXtreme is reviewing the Jetart JACSH1 Universal VGA Cooler. With video processing units becoming more complex than CPU's, users are wanting better solutions to cool their video cards. The old days of passive heatsinks are long gone, and active cooling solutions need to be better and better designed to deal with the high temperatures put out by today's VPU's."

Samsung SCX-4100 Laser Multifunction Printer Review @ XYZ Computing

"When I heard that I was going to be reviewing Samsung's SCX-4100, I was initially surprised that they had put together a laser printer / scanner combination for such a low price. Their lowest priced laser, the ML-1740, retails for around $100..."

Are you addicted to the internet @ The Tech Zone

"A recent news story reported that the Finnish army has sent some of its conscripts home due to the fact that they are unable to handle the compulsory six months in the army without access to their computers. When computers and the Internet are becoming integral components or even the main focus of leisure, education, and work time..."

Basics of RAID @ BigBruin

"The word RAID sounds like it might describe something Marines conduct in Fallujah, or a can of what all roaches fear, but it is simply an acronym that stands for Redundant Array of Independent (or Inexpensive) Disks. Depending on who you talk to, the letter "I" can stand for either independent or inexpensive, but in my opinion independent is more appropriate, and far less subjective."

Gigabyte GA-K8N Ultra-SLI Motherboard @ PCStats

"In this review PCStats is testing out one such option, the Gigabyte GA-K8N Ultra-SLI motherboard. This board is targeted towards the mainstream market (as mainstream as SLI gets, anyhow), and supports all Socket 939 AMD Athlon64/FX processors."

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