Jelfin Ships Spherical Mouse, The Crowd Roars

Mice makers have been trying to "overhaul" the tried and true mouse design for years. Meanwhile, the keyboard has remained relatively constant in shape/form factor, but that's another story for another day. The all-new Jelfin mouse, which we heard about briefly at the end of last year, made its official debut at the Consumer Electronics Show, and the big news now is that it's finally shipping.

For those who were skeptical about the ergonomics of a round mouse, it sounds like you need not fret. Onlookers at the show were reportedly impressed by the shape and the soft gel cover. For those who missed it the first time around, the spherical mouse is ensconced in a soft, translucent gel covering that hugs the entire surface area and sets a new standard for comfort. To use it, you simply cup your fingers around the around the ball rather than extending them outward for a more natural, ergonomic feel.

The mouse is shipping now for $34.95 from Amazon, but we doubt this will replace your high-precision laser mouse when it comes to gaming. For comfort, however, it looks like a winner.

Cool Chic Shape, Unparalleled Comfort

Jelfin's intelligent new design fits perfectly the curvature of your hand, providing a more natural and comfortable feel than a traditionally shaped mouse, and puts less tension on the wrist and forearm.  One part cushiony stress-relief ball, two parts cool computer mouse, Jelfin is undeniably soft and tactilely enticing to the touch.  Plus, with its chic shape and squishy cover, it's just fun to use!  Jelfin boasts five accent colors: cobalt blue, crimson red, cadmium yellow, electric green and hot pink.

Sleek Storage Can

Jelfin really delivers with a hard-surfaced, sleekly designed travel can, free with every purchase, for transporting and storing the ball-shaped mouse.  Funky yet functional, the can is ideal for laptop users and compact enough to fit easily into a laptop case.

High Quality, Precise Performance

The consumer electronics community gave Jelfin accolades for its performance and features, and high grades for comfort.  Jelfin's enticing, squishy cover appeals to adults and teens; its bright colors and sporty shape make it fun and easy-to-grip for little ones just starting off.  Germ-conscious users delight in Jelfin's removable cover which can be replaced with a fresh one in vibrant new colors – available for purchase soon.  PC or Mac compatible and with 1,000 dpi, the Jelfin mouse allows for precise and smooth scrolling.

"With as much time as we spend on the computer, we all deserve a better – and more comfortable – experience," added Pajic.  "Jelfin is dedicated to bringing the world the most comfortable mouse possible... and making it fun.  Why should your hands settle for anything less?"

To Purchase Jelfin Mouse

The Jelfin Mouse can be purchased at or  $34.95 includes the Jelfin gel-covered mouse, travel can, and free shipping.  Comparable in quality to

high-priced, designer mouse selections, Jelfin's affordable retail price appeals to students and professionals alike.  Watch for major retailers nationwide to stock the Jelfin Mouse and additional Jelfin products soon.

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