Jelfin Redesigns The Mouse

Jelfin unveiled a new type of computer mouse that the company is touting as the first of its kind. This ball-shaped mouse has a gel cover that covers its entire surface area. To use this mouse, users cup their fingers around the ball instead of extending them outward.

To back up the need for a newly designed mouse, Jelfin points to a survey that claims many Americans would like a more comfortable mouse than the one they currently use. In addition, these users would like the new mouse to feel more natural in their hand. According to the survey, 67% of mouse users with an opinion think a more comfortable mouse could increase their productivity and/or creativity.

To help meet these desires, the Jelfin mouse is designed to fit in the curvature of your hand and offer a more natural and comfortable feel. In addition, fans of the Jelfin say the jelly cushion keeps their hands relaxed and comfortable for longer periods of time and puts less tension on their wrist and forearm than today's traditional mice.
The Jelfin mouse is available in five accent colors: cobalt blue, crimson red, cadmium yellow, electric green, and hot pink. The cover is removable and replaceable. The mouse sells for about $35 and comes with a travel can. The Jelfin mouse is available from or The mouse is also expected to be available from major retailers nationwide soon.
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