Jason Bourne Doesn't Use Mapquest

The third installment in the Bourne Trilogy, "The Bourne Ultimatum," will open in theaters on August 3rd.  Part of the appeal of the character is his casual, savvy use of technology as he breezes through far-flung exotic locations.  He'll reconfigure your phone after he punches you with it, while driving like a madman.  Universal decided to hype the film with an online game, " The Ultimate Search for Bourne with Google," that allows fans to search for Jason Bourne using clues scattered on Google tools like Search Map, Images and YouTube.

Universal worked with Web design and marketing firm Big Spaceship to build the "Bourne" game, which is part of a promotional partnership with Google that did not involve any money changing hands.

The product placement -- a screen shot of a Google search -- emerged from the discussions between Universal and Google about the game but occurred in a scene that already called for an online search, studio executives said.

Google will promote the game through search results related to the film and through its millions of users' customized iGoogle home pages.

If you're going to have shameless product placement, at least make it fun. They're running a sweepstakes to go with it, givng away a Touareg, cash, iPhones and other goodies.
Search for Bourne

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