Cult Classic RPG 'Moon' Hits Nintendo Switch 22 Years After Launch

Sometimes games that are classics in other countries aren't titles we ever get to play here in America. One of the games that launched over two decades ago was promised for the States and never came here is an RPG from a company called Onion Games, and it is called moon. This time around, the game is being ported to the popular Nintendo Switch platform.

moon game switch

The game is hailed as a sort of anti-RPG looking at themes in many RPG games like stealing supplies from strangers and killing animals for XP. The original launch for the game was 22 years ago on the original PlayStation. Over the years since that launch, English translations of the game have started and stopped for various reasons.

The launch will be the very first time that the game has been made available in English. The launch date in Japan is set for October 10, and it will launch globally in English "not long after" the Japanese launch. The confirmation of the game launch came directly from Onion Games via Twitter and via Nintendo Direct.

The Nintendo Switch has been getting lots of cool, lesser-known independent games over the last several weeks. Last month it was announced that the game Superhot was coming to the Switch, which followed the launch of Cuphead and Super Lucky's Tale. Both had been Xbox exclusives before landing on the Switch. This summer was a big for the Nintendo Switch as a new version of the console launched that significantly extended the battery life. Run time on battery power grew from 6.5 hours on the high end to nine hours with the updated hardware.