Japanese Overclocker Throws Cautions to the Wind, OCs Llano to 5.87GHz

There are different levels of overclocking. On the bottom end, a person might choose to crank things up a few MHz for a modest performance boost without really taxing their cooling setup or complimentary components. A few levels up you have the folks who invest in high end cooling and cherry components to handle aggressive OCs, and at the extreme end of the spectrum there are the ones who attempt suicide runs simply for the thrill, or to set world records, stability be damned. A Japanese overclocker employed by Overclock Works attempted the latter, taking an AMD A8-3870K Black Edition processor all the way to 5.87GHz.

Source: Akiba PC Hotline

That's almost twice the processor's stock speed, and to get there, the overclocker had to keep a steady stream of liquid nitrogen flowing to keep things chilly, especially since he jacked up the core voltage to a gut wrenching 1.872V.

According to the person responsible, the insane overclock is "probably the world's best," and we won't argue his assumption. Although it is worth mentioning that he was unable to run any benchmarks, which isn't surprising since the goal was to overclock the chip as high as it would go regardless of whether it was stable or not.