James Cameron: 3D Will Be The Standard Format In 25 Years Or Less

If we didn't know any better, we would assume that James Cameron, the guy who directed Avatar, Titanic, and loads of other mega-hits, was a paid spokesperson for 3D. Every place we turn, it's James talking good about 3D, with never a negative thing to say about the format. Without a doubt, James is the most prominent proponent of 3D, and even with the famed Roger Ebert saying that he "hates" 3D and thinks consumers should too, Cameron is plugging away.

3D HDTVs Pushed Hard at CES 2010 in Las Vegas

At this point, it's pretty transparent. Basically, Cameron has now stated a a technology forum in South Korea that 3D will "will replace 2D as the standard, mainstream format for film, television and online content in less than 25 years." He obviously has no way of knowing or confirming this, but getting the word out there will only help his cause. And his cause, obviously, is to promote 3D, which certainly benefits his burgeoning sci-fi movie business. 

Cameron obviously has a bit of 3D skin in the game, albeit blue-green and striped, with a tail.

There's no doubt that 3D is helping to get more and more consumers to the cinema; as of now, very few 3D HDTVs have made their way out onto the market, so the cinema has an "exclusive" on the format for now. Exclusives lead to bigger box office revenues, and Cameron certainly appreciates that.

The biggest reason for our skepticism here is that 3D has been around the block before, and it failed. Just recently it has re-arisen due to marketing giants pushing it down the throats of consumers, but we have yet to see if it will stick this time around. Is the "3D renaissance" for real? Or just another fad? If Cameron has his way, it'll be the only way in 20 or so years, but we'll let the consumers decide instead of just taking his word for it. No offense James.