Jailbroken iPhone Used in Apple Patent App

You'll remember that Apple has previously called jailbreaking iPhones illegal. Yet a recent patent application submitted by Apple uses images of a jailbroken iPhone to make their case.

The attorneys at Kramer, Levin Naftalis & Frankel LLP, who submitted the application in Apple's behalf are probably red-faced; I wonder if Steve Jobs has called them to the mat for this yet.

You can see the image above has an icon for Installer.app, SMBPrefs and the iWood Realize theme, all stuff you need a jailbroken iPhone to run.

At any rate, the less "exciting" portion, and what should have been more exciting of this story centers around biometric security that would be embedded in Apple devices. Examples include installation of a hidden sensor behind the screen that would recognize a user's fingerprint when touched, or a front-facing camera for retinal or facial recognition.

While the patent application itself doesn't necessarily mean the technology will ever reach the hands of consumers, the image probably means someone is in trouble.